5 Keys to Accelerate White-label Software Sales Before the Holiday Season

Navigating sales during the bustling holiday season poses unique challenges, especially when selling software. Businesses are often more focused on their own holiday-related tasks, diverting attention from adopting new solutions. For white-label resellers and software sales professionals, this creates the problematic tension of wanting to finish the year strong but facing constant hurdles down the home stretch. 

As a white-label software provider, we want to help our partners plan for the holiday season so they can end the year on a high note by achieving their specific goals — whether it’s closing more deals or ensuring the satisfaction of their current clients.

5 Keys to Accelerate White-label Software Sales Before the Holiday Season

Whether you’re a textLIVING white-label partner or simply looking for tips for selling software more effectively during the holidays, here are some best practices to help you navigate the upcoming season successfully: 

Recognize how the holidays will impact your process and plan accordingly.

The first step to a successful holiday season is recognizing how you might be impacted. The holidays are a busy time for businesses, so they may not see new software as a priority. You’ll want to evaluate your sales process and conversation through the filter of these complexities. Getting in touch with decision-makers might be more difficult. 

That’s why you should develop your holiday software sales plan in the early fall while you still have time and margin to maximize your efforts. The earlier you start, the more time you will have to build relationships with potential customers and close deals.

Understand and lean into your potential customers’ specific holiday-related challenges.

It is always essential to understand an industry’s issues when selling software. Recognizing the unique obstacles of the holidays is an opportunity to take it a step further. By speaking directly to the nuances of an industry during the holidays, you can communicate the value proposition of your software more effectively. It also allows you to refine your process to accelerate sales conversations and overcome objections. 

For example, retailers often face a holiday rush and significant sales goals during the holidays. Therefore, it might be helpful to highlight how your software can help them generate meaningful revenue and set up automated processes that don’t require a lot of heavy lifting.

Use urgency to your advantage to accelerate current sales conversations. 

Most businesses have aggressive holiday-related or year-end goals. The holiday season naturally brings a sense of urgency, making it an excellent time to encourage swift decision-making. By strategizing now, you can create urgency by showcasing how your software can help potential customers achieve their holiday season goals. 

Many of our white-label partners have succeeded in leveraging the holiday season to onboard new customers on our customer loyalty and text marketing software. To land these accounts, they harness the power of social proof by showcasing testimonials and reviews from businesses that have benefited from our software during previous holiday seasons. 

Be prepared to overcome implementation objections and leverage timely opportunities. 

Many potential clients may have concerns about integrating new software during a busy period like the holidays. By understanding industry challenges, you can preemptively address objections by highlighting the time for implementation and providing solutions to potential hurdles. This increases your chances of overcoming resistance and closing deals.

It can also be helpful to leverage the fact that the holidays are often their busiest season of the year— which makes it a great time to capture insights and engage new customers. Highlighting how your software can help them build a database of customers they can engage to drive sales during slower seasons is a powerful sales tactic. 

Take time to celebrate and recognize your current customers. 

One final tip is to intentionally invest in your current customers. When you celebrate and support your current accounts, it shows them that you value their business. This can help you build loyalty, leading to repeat business and referrals.

The secret is making your users feel important by offering exceptional customer support and showing you appreciate them. You could send a personalized gift, host a special event, or celebrate the success they’ve achieved by using your platform over the past year. The end of the year is also a natural time to ask for referrals if you haven’t done so lately.  

Eliminate the Guesswork of Managing Your White-Label Software Business

Planning and preparing for the upcoming holiday season as a white-label software reseller involves a combination of strategic marketing, customer engagement, and efficient operations. By putting these tips and best practices into action, you can successfully navigate the busy holiday season and position your white-label software as an essential tool for businesses aiming to capitalize on the holiday rush.

At textLIVING, we care about empowering our white-label partners with the knowledge and resources required for their success. If you want to discover more about establishing a thriving white-label venture, we encourage you to explore our available materials and resources.

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