In-Store Sign-Up & Loyalty Kiosk

Merchants using our cellular-enabled, self-serve kiosks for in-store sign-ups and loyalty check-ins typically see upwards of 1,500 new customer sign-ups per year per location.

Merchants can add a kiosk that is placed at the point of sale or hostess station. The kiosk is in a tamper-proof case and runs over Verizon LTE, so there is no worry about finicky wifi issues. The only requirement is to plug it in.

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White Label Text Marketing and Loyalty Platform
In-store Sign-up and Loyalty Kiosk

The kiosk acts as a communications hub between the merchant and the customer. It features an animated sign-up offer to encourage more sign-ups and if a loyalty program is activated, features the reward and the number of visits it takes to earn it at the bottom of the screen.

The kiosk is customizable and can be branded with the company's colors, images and logo. A merchant has the option to place a link to a career board right on the homepage of the kiosk for applications. A sign-up offer and even the loyalty program are also options for each merchant's own plan for the kiosk.

How does the kiosk work?

  1. Customer signs up for the program.
  2. Customer opts into the program by replying "Yes" to the auto-response text and then receives the optional sign-up offer.
  3. Customer checks in to kiosk with mobile phone number each time they visit to earn the loyalty offer, if active.
  4. Upon reaching the check-in goal, customers earn their reward, redeemable on the next visit.
  5. All rewards and offers can be redeemed at the kiosk by clicking redeem on the screen. Once redeem is clicked, a time-stamped claim text will be sent immediately to their mobile phone.
In-store Sign-up and Loyalty Kiosk

We support all major United States & Canadian carriers

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