Keyword Opt-in Program

Merchants start their text club, grow their subscriber lists, and engage their customers consistently via one of the easiest and most effective forms of communication.

Keywords can be marketed online using websites, social media sites, in-store print materials or any other preferred advertisement methods. Merchants use unique keywords to track the effectiveness of text marketing campaigns along with other forms of marketing to target customers.

On the app page, customers access online menus, websites, social media platforms and interact with businesses by signing up for the text club, loyalty program, redeem offers, etc.

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How it helps businesses

What is a "Keyword"?

An SMS Keyword is a word or phrase customers can text to a phone number, such as a short-code like 91681 or a dedicated 1-800 number, to opt-in to a text club. After doing so, they are signed up to receive future text messages. For example, if a restaurant asks customers to text "Burgertime" to 91681, Burgertime is the keyword.

After texting the keyword, the customer will receive an auto-response asking them to reply YES to confirm opt-in. Once the customer replies yes they receive a text thanking them for joining the text club and any other communication the business wants to convey at that point.

A Keyword text club can be boosted by promoting it:

  • on your website
  • on social media platforms
  • in print ads, radio commercials, and other traditional marketing methods
  • on posters and signage at the business location
  • and more!
Keyword Optin

We support all major United States & Canadian carriers

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