Custom Mobile Web App

NO APP DOWNLOAD REQUIRED. Your merchants can more easily engage with their customers.

Merchants will place QR code stickers throughout their locations for customers to scan or post a link on their social media channels linking to their web app enabling customers to sign-up, check-in and redeem offers by simply entering their cell phone number. Merchants can also encourage social media follows, online reviews, online menu, or direct customers to their website.

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Mobile Web App
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How it helps your business

We developed this touch-free solution during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic to help businesses improve communication with their customers while providing customers a safe, touch-free way to interact with the business. During that time, businesses, especially those in the food-service industry, found it incredibly helpful to have the ability to send text messages to their customers to inform them of the latest news and rule changes.

This program also allows business owners to:

We support all major United States & Canadian carriers

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