QR Code Linked To Custom Web App

Traffic is directed to merchants' custom web apps by placing QR codes around their businesses for customers to scan with their phones.

This program includes 16 waterproof stickers per location to be put on tables, front counters, front door, and even drive-thrus. Customers simply open their cameras, points at the QR code and are immediately directed to the Custom Mobile Web App.

On the app page, customers can access online menus, websites, social media platforms and interact with the business by signing up for the text club, loyalty program, redeem offers, etc.

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QR Code application

How it helps businesses

With almost everyone having a smartphone with a camera including a built in QR code scanner, it's never been easier to quickly engage a customer. QR codes have recently increased in usage, especially during Covid-19, as users do not have to touch anything except their own phones to see menus, offers, and other communication.

Using the QR code program allows businesses to:

  • Direct customers to online menus or other web pages.
  • Get signups to text club and loyalty program
  • Allow customers to redeem offers from trackable text offers, signup offers, and more
  • Instantly promote social media platforms
  • Direct customers to online career job sites for employment
  • and more!

How it Works


Customer scans the QR Code

Provide your merchants with 16 waterproof stickers, (5" diameter), to be put at the front counter, tables, front door and a drive-thru window.

To get started, the customer simply opens the camera on their phone and scans the QR code.

QR Code scanning
QR Code social links


Customer clicks and is directed to the custom page.

The page includes links to online menus, social media pages, job pages, and Google Review pages.

They also have the ability to quickly sign-up to receive textALERTs from your merchants.


Businesses promote via text with a 98% open rate while tracking offer redemptions!

With a few clicks using the simple textALERT wizard, merchants can create beautiful text message offers redeemed by customers scanning the QR code, entering their cell phone number and redeeming the offer. They will then receive a date and time-stamped claim text to show the merchant.

QR Code tracking


Open rate of a text message.


Avg. click-through rate of text message links.


Text messages opened within 3 minutes.


Higher open rate than e-mail.

We support all major United States & Canadian carriers

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