Boosting Restaurant Business with TextLIVING alongside Toast POS

Will a business using Toast POS benefit by adding the textLIVING platform?

In the realm of restaurant management, Toast stands out as a reliable Point of Sale (POS) system, streamlining operations and transactions for many businesses. However, where it falls short is in its provision of text marketing solutions. This is where textLIVING steps in, offering a complementary service designed to drive foot traffic and boost customer engagement. Unlike Toast, textLIVING isn’t a POS system. Instead, it’s specifically engineered to efficiently attract more customers to businesses, enhancing their frequency of visits by using the most efficient form of communication possible today.

With Toast currently serving around 100k restaurant locations, it’s evident that there’s a vast market yet to be tapped. textLIVING, as a complementary tool, offers a unique proposition to businesses looking to maximize their outreach and drive customer loyalty.

One of the key selling points of textLIVING alongside Toast is its ability to enhance existing marketing strategies. By engaging merchants in discussions about their current usage of e-mail marketing products, textLIVING doesn’t aim to replace but rather to supplement and elevate. Whether a merchant is satisfied with Toast’s loyalty program or not, textLIVING emphasizes the importance of building a substantial customer database for text marketing.

Does Toast POS have text marketing capabilities?

While Toast does incorporate some text features into its platform, these functionalities are primarily limited to informing customers about the status of their orders or delivering pre-built messages, such as eGift cards, welcome messages and digital receipts. These messages are typically geared towards practical notifications such as order readiness. However, textLIVING goes beyond these basic notifications, offering a comprehensive text marketing solution that enables businesses to engage with customers on a more personalized level. With textLIVING, businesses can tailor messages to suit their specific promotions, events, or loyalty programs, fostering deeper connections with their customer base and driving long-term loyalty.

Understanding the metrics of success is crucial in showcasing the value proposition of text marketing over e-mail campaigns. By delving into specifics such as open rates and redemption rates, textLIVING demonstrates the tangible benefits of adopting a text-centric approach to customer communication. This data-driven approach not only convinces merchants of the efficacy of text messages but also provides actionable insights for optimizing marketing strategies.

Moreover, utilizing textLIVING alongside the Toast POS streamlines operations by consolidating customer data and transactional information. This seamless integration ensures that businesses can execute targeted marketing campaigns based on real-time insights, thereby enhancing customer engagement and driving revenue growth.

In conclusion, using both textLIVING and Toast POS offers a complete solution for businesses looking to amplify their marketing efforts and foster lasting customer relationships. By harnessing the power of text marketing alongside Toast’s robust POS system, restaurants can elevate their brand presence, drive customer loyalty, and ultimately, achieve sustainable growth in today’s dynamic marketplace.

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