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Joe F. Brannon, CEO

Think starting a software company requires significant investment and risk? Think again.

For over a decade, the team at textLIVING has built an industry-leading customer loyalty and text marketing platform that has helped more than 10,000 merchants produce over $200 million in additional revenue. After creating a proven product and sales process, we decided to white-label the platform — making it possible for other entrepreneurs and sales professionals to customize and sell it. 

Whether you’re looking to start your own software business or simply increase your annual income through a side hustle, textLIVING offers a proven “business in a box” with everything you need to run your business.

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Text Marketing

The Power & Potential of Text Marketing

How can businesses stand out in today’s increasingly noisy world? Text marketing has proven to be one of the most effective tactics.

You likely know dozens of businesses that could benefit from using a text loyalty platform. Now you have a solution to offer them.

An Exceptional Customer Loyalty and Text Marketing Platform...

Our engineers have spent thousands of hours and invested millions of dollars to develop an intuitive software solution that helps merchants build, engage, and track customer loyalty. The result? A proven platform that makes it easy for businesses to reward and communicate with customers through text messaging.

Database Growth Tools
Tracking Software

...That You Can Sell as Your Own

By white-labeling our software, we’ve created an opportunity for entrepreneurs and business development professionals to sell the textLIVING platform. This allows you to leverage your experience and relationships to generate technology-driven revenue without having to build or manage a software company.

We provide everything you need to get started in less than a month. We’ll also equip you with training and support along the way.

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The onboarding process was really quick, easy and simple. All the materials I needed to be successful in the field was right there on the textLIVING University platform... - ...I was able to get a sale in my first week in the field.

Don't let the fact that you may be working full-time or part-time get in the way get in the way of your dream. I've been in business about a year and I'm now almost profitable with me working in my spare time with two reps in the field... This is a tremendous opportunity and I couldn't be happier to be doing this.

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