ProTalks by Joe

Join textLIVING Founder & CEO Joe Brannon through this series of masterclass-style conversations in which he explores various topics concerning sales & management of a white label business.

Episode Seven: A Day in the Life of a Successful White-Label Software Entrepreneur
Have you ever considered diving into software entrepreneurship or white-labeling to build a thriving income stream? Join us in this exclusive ProTalks session, where we unravel the secrets with Phil Ludwig, President of SenText Solutions, a valued partner at textLIVING.
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Episode Eight: Mastering White-Label Software Customer Support
Are you an entrepreneur or marketing agency navigating the challenges of building your own white-label software business? Customer support shouldn't be a roadblock! Join us in this enlightening session where we unravel the secrets to eliminating the hassle of customer service and technical support in the world of white-label software.
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Episode Nine: Mastering White-Label Software for Marketing Agencies
Discover a game-changer for your marketing agency! In this session, we provide an exclusive inside look at how marketing agencies can leverage a white-label software platform like textLIVING to unlock new business opportunities and achieve consistent monthly recurring revenue.
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Episode Ten: Leveraging White-Label Software for Consistent Recurring Income for Real Estate Agents
Tired of the feast-or-famine cycle? Real estate agents, insurance brokers, and other commission-based pros, this masterclass is for YOU! textLIVING's masterclass reveals how white-label software can unlock consistent recurring income as a “side hustle” or entrepreneurial business opportunity.
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Episode Eleven: Why Mobile Marketing Software Offers the Best White-Label Opportunity
Embark on a journey into the world of white-label software with textLIVING's Founder & CEO, Joe Brannon III. In this ProTalks episode, we’re unpacking one of the most common questions from potential white-label partners: Why would I want to build a business with customer loyalty and text marketing software compared to other types of white-label platforms?
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Episode Twelve: How to Capitalize on Retail Mobile Marketing & Digital Customer Loyalty
Discover how to capitalize on the increasing trend of retail mobile marketing and digital customer loyalty with textLIVING's Founder & CEO, Joe Brannon III, in this insightful masterclass-style session.
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Episode One: What Sales Pros Need to Know About Selling Software
We’ve hired and trained lots of business development professionals at textLIVING. In this textLIVING University Series session, we’re digging into the most critical factors sales professionals should know when selling software. Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional or just starting, this video is your gateway to mastering the art of software sales.
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Episode Two: Earn an extra $6K every month with textLIVING
Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to start a software company or a sales professional interested in earning residual income from technology, white-labeling software is a proven way to achieve significant and scalable revenue. In this workshop, we’re getting practical by highlighting how becoming a white-label partner with textLIVING can help you earn an extra $6,000 per month in residual commissions.
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Episode Three: Demystifying “White-Label” - What it Really Takes to Run Your “Business in a Box”
Are you looking to start a software business or earn MRR in software sales? If so, consider a white-label approach. White labeling is a great way to start quickly and easily without worrying about developing your software from scratch.
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Episode Four: Blocking & Tackling: Overcome Software Sales Challenges When You’re in the Trenches
Managing your day-to-day responsibilities while keeping your focus on selling to new customers can be a bit of a learning curve, especially if you’ve never sold software. Over the past decade, we’ve hired, trained, and developed many business development professionals on our sales team at textLIVING.
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Episode Five: From Pockets to Pocketbooks: The Power of Text Marketing for Revenue Generation
In today's digital age, businesses must find effective and innovative ways to engage with customers. Text marketing is a powerful tool to help businesses reach their customers directly on their phones. Since 2010, the textLIVING platform has generated tangible results for thousands of merchants across the U.S. and Canada.
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Episode Six: Cold Calls & Elevator Pitches: Secrets to Making a Good First Impression in Software Sales
In software sales, your first impression is everything. Most of the time, your ability to get a face-to-face meeting or schedule a demo depends on the first impression you make. After selling our software to more than 10,000 merchants nationwide, we’ve learned some secrets to making an excellent first impression in software sales.
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