Case Study: Retail Boutique


A clothing boutique with two popular locations in Middle Tennessee offers a huge selection of young, contemporary clothing lines, crafted shoes, handbags, and jewelry. They needed a way to get the word out about their great products to their primary demographic of young women and teenagers. The boutique wanted a way to communicate with customers directly to keep them returning often and reassure them that their money was well-spent.

They were a perfect fit for this program.

  • Within the first year, this business had 2,186 customers sign up for their loyalty program.

  • Within that same first year, this merchant sent 58,576 texts and saw their customers check-in 5,949 times using the kiosk.

  • By the end of their second year, this owner had more than doubled their total subscribers with 3,822 total. Their customers checked in 13,465 times and redeemed loyalty offers 667 times by the end of the second year.


This boutique owner wanted to be able to communicate directly with a large number of customers via text message. Since they catered to a young demographic, text messaging was the best way to spread the word about their business. They also wanted a digital loyalty program to provide an incentive for customers to return quicker than they normally would.


The kiosk provided a solution for two of their challenges, allowing them to procure a high number of in-store sign-ups and serving as a funnel for their digital loyalty program. Once customers were signed up for the program, the store was able to regularly reach out about special offers and new products.


The kiosk’s fast and easy sign-up method makes it the best tool to use to get more sign-ups.

Text Alerts

Text Alert campaigns provide the most direct form of communication with customers.

Loyalty Program

Customers can check in via the kiosk each time they visit the location by entering their mobile phone number, or they can check in using the mobile web app.

textALERT from retail boutique


  • No punch cards and No app downloads required.

  • Automated texts are sent to encourage customers to return if it has been some time since their last visit. 95% of text messages are opened within three minutes.

  • 95% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes

With a 98% open rate, text messages are much more successful than email or app-based engagement platforms. This program accommodated every loyalty need for this successful retail merchant.

This program accommodates all the needs this retail merchant was looking to utilize.


Here is a breakdown by year of this boutique’s first five years on the program showing the number of new and total subscribers.

Loyalty Offer Redemptions
“We Miss You” Redemptions
Retail Boutique's yearly results

New/Total Subscribers by year of this merchant’s first six years on the program.


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