Trackable Text Offers

Easily track every portion of the platform via the merchant dashboard to compare and improve campaigns and products to get the most return on investment.

It is important to clearly see which text campaigns worked best and why they did so. Being able to track campaigns and understand the difference in success in redemption rates, click-through rates, and foot traffic in the store is paramount to using text marketing successfully. Our merchant dashboard and weekly reports provide this in-depth analysis.

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Trackable Text Offers
Trackable Text Offers MMS

How it helps businesses

The ability to track and analyze SMS marketing & MMS marketing campaigns gives merchants the knowledge to constantly improve upon each campaign. For example, if a merchant creates a campaign offering a Free Dessert. Then, the next week offers $5 OFF $20. That merchant can compare these two offers and see that the $5 OFF $20 offer had double the redemption rate of the Free Dessert. He may deduce that desserts are not quite as much of a pull to customers as a flat dollar amount off.

These little indicators may vary from business to business. Maybe one business has an extremely popular dessert that is much of the reason for that restaurant's success, it might do better.

Each business owner can deduce why each campaign worked well or not. As they do more and more it will become clear how to get the best out of future campaigns.

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