15 Questions to Ask Before Starting a White-Label Software Business

Starting a software company isn’t easy. After more than a decade of dreaming, investing, and building textLIVING into an industry-leading customer loyalty and text marketing platform, we white-labeled our software so that entrepreneurs and sales professionals could build their own businesses without having to navigate the stressful aspects of managing a technology company. 

White-labeling software is a great way to start a business or generate technology-based monthly recurring revenue with minimal upfront costs. However, before you jump into selling white-labeling software, there are a few important questions you need to ask yourself. In addition to validating whether the software solves a need in the market, you also want to make sure you’re equipped with adequate training and support to manage your business. 

Here are a few helpful questions that will help you assess the feasibility and potential challenges of launching a white-label software business. 

Market Analysis: 

  1. What is my target market? Who are my potential target customers? 
  2. What industries or sectors do I want to focus on that will benefit most from our solutions?
  3. Is there a demand for the specific software products that I plan to offer?
  4. Who are the other competitors in the market? Is it saturated? 
  5. What makes our software unique or better than theirs?
  6. What pricing models are common in the industry, and how will I position my offerings?

Value Proposition:

  1. What are the key features and benefits that differentiate this software from competitors?
  2. How will this software help businesses increase revenue and build stronger and more loyal relationships with their customers?

Business Strategy:

  1. What will be my go-to-market strategy?
  2. How will I reach and acquire customers?
  3. Am I confident in my sales ability, or do I need to find a business partner that specializes in sales or hire a full-time salesperson?

Technical Considerations:

  1. Is the software scalable and adaptable to different customer requirements?
  2. How will I handle software updates, maintenance, and customer support?

Support and Training:

  1. How will I provide customer support and handle technical issues or inquiries?
  2. What specific training, resources, and documentation are provided to me to build my white-label software business?
textLIVING: Everything You Need to Run a Successful White-Label Software Business 

If you’re interested in entrepreneurship or owning a software company, textLIVING’s customer loyalty and text marketing platform might be right for you. By white-labeling our proven software, you can earn scalable SaaS revenue without having to invest in upfront infrastructure costs like hiring developers, investing in product marketing, and managing customer support. We also equip you with a library of resources, best practices, and marketing tools that can help your clients learn how to use the platform to reach more customers. 

Learn more about our white-label partnership opportunities or schedule a demo with one of our team members today.