The Power of Text Marketing for Revenue Generation and Customer Loyalty

In today’s increasingly noisy world, attention is the new currency. Text marketing and mobile check-in programs have emerged as invaluable tools for small businesses aiming to foster customer loyalty. While the potential of these strategies is widely recognized, the true extent of their impact on revenue often remains untapped by many small businesses. For example, they might offer a “check-in program” integrated with their POS system but aren’t using that data to engage customers proactively and increase revenue. 

The Impact of Text Marketing

At textLIVING, we’ve witnessed firsthand the incredible impact text marketing and customer loyalty check-ins can have on a business’s bottom line. Our platform has helped over 10,000 businesses generate over $200 million in revenue in the past decade through redeemed offers, proving that text marketing and check-ins are far more than trendy tactics. 

In our latest ProTalks session, “From Pockets to Pocketbooks: The Power of Text Marketing for Revenue Generation,” founder and CEO Joe Brannon explored key insights from our industry. In this post, we’ll showcase compelling statistics and inspiring case studies to demonstrate the direct impact of text marketing and check-ins on revenue, customer engagement, and brand loyalty. If you’re a current white-label partner or if you’re exploring our platform, we hope these insights can help you understand the power of text marketing for small businesses in your area. 

Text Marketing and Mobile Check-In Statistics

Customer Engagement 

9 out of 10 consumers say they want brands to communicate with them via text. (Source

Text messaging isn’t just a communication channel; it’s the preferred avenue for direct customer engagement.

Retail consumers who get SMS marketing messages are 40% more likely to convert than those who don’t. (Source)

Text marketing can significantly boost the likelihood of turning “interest” into “action.”

SMS produces engagement rates eight times higher than retailers typically achieve via email marketing (Source)

In the battle for consumer attention, text marketing blows away every other marketing channel. 

Marketing Effectiveness 

SMS marketing click-through rates are nearly 600% higher than email rates. (Source

Click-through rates tell the story of effectiveness, and text marketing converts more than traditional channels like email.

75% of consumers say they prefer texts to ads. (Source

In the era of consumer choice, preferences speak volumes, and the resounding choice is clear: text messages are the favored medium.

97% of companies that have launched SMS marketing campaigns say those initiatives have helped them communicate with consumers more efficiently. (Source

When you’re dealing with limited time and budgets, efficiency isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. SMS marketing is the most efficient marketing tactic for small businesses.

SMS marketers generate $71 for every dollar spent. (Source

What other marketing tactics offer this kind of ROI? The answer: very few.

Mobile Check-ins

Businesses with a customer check-in program witness a 30% increase in customer loyalty. (Source

As businesses look for a way to stand out, creating a check-in program is a simple way to generate customer loyalty.

Customers who check in are 50% more likely to recommend a business to friends and family. (Source)

Check-ins lead to repeat visits and increase the word-of-mouth marketing a small business receives. 

Check-in programs for salons and spas lead to a 15% rise in customer retention. (Source)

In the world of personal care and services, check-in programs can help spas foster lasting relationships by rewarding customers. 

Sales and Conversions

20% of customers said they made a purchase after receiving a text from a small business. (Source)

The impact of a well-timed text goes beyond mere communication; it’s a direct driver of sales.

45% of consumers have purchased from a brand/business after receiving a text from them with a special offer or promo code. (Source

This is a significant insight for businesses that still question the effectiveness of SMS marketing and its impact on driving purchases.

96% of marketers who leveraged SMS marketing said it has helped them drive more revenue. (Source

An overwhelming majority of marketers who are investing in text marketing don’t question its impact. 

Text Marketing Case Studies

Here are a few of our favorite textLIVING case studies that highlight the significant impact text marketing and check-ins can make for small businesses: 

Local Restaurant Case Study: Welcome Offers and Check-In Promotions

A local Mexican restaurant used the textLIVING platform to successfully implement a sign-up promotion and check-in rewards offer using a text messaging program. Upon signing up, customers received a welcome text offering $2 off a $10 purchase. Additionally, a rewards program was introduced, granting customers a free cheese dip or guacamole after five check-ins. Over a few months, these initiatives resulted in an impressive 8,800 check-ins, translating to a substantial $16,000 in generated revenue.

Retail Boutique Case Study Recap: Building Customer Loyalty Through In-Store Check-Ins

A local retailer catering to a younger demographic sought to establish a robust customer loyalty program. Leveraging the textLIVING platform, they facilitated sign-ups through an in-store kiosk and engaged customers with promotional texts. After two years, the retailer amassed a database of 3,822 customers who checked in a remarkable 13,465 times, leading to 667 redemptions of the loyalty offer. This successful program significantly increased repeat visits and customer engagement.

Frozen Yogurt Shop Case Study Recap: Increasing Revenue Through Automated Texts

A frozen yogurt shop heavily dependent on repeat business implemented automated text campaigns through the textLIVING platform to boost customer visits. These campaigns included sign-up coupons, birthday offers, and strategically timed “we miss you” texts with discounts for customers who hadn’t checked in recently. The results were remarkable, with over 4,000 offers redeemed, contributing to an impressive $20,000 in additional revenue. 

Partner with textLIVING: Powering Small Businesses One Text at a Time

With statistics proving the undeniable impact of text marketing and check-ins, the question isn’t “if” but “how.” At textLIVING, we bridge the gap, providing the tools and expertise for small businesses to unlock their full potential. If you’re passionate about helping businesses harness the power of text marketing, consider becoming a white-label partner. You can explore our additional resources and contact our team to learn more about how you can be part of transforming the way small businesses connect with their customers.