In the Trenches of Software Sales: Getting Your “Blocking and Tackling” Right

Now is the time of year when college and professional football teams are making their final push toward the playoffs or post-season. But have you ever thought about how being in software sales is a lot like stepping onto a bustling, adrenaline-fueled football field?

At textLIVING, we’ve found that much like the grit required in the trenches of a football field, the challenges of software sales demand a strategic approach and mastery of the basics. For over a decade, our team has found that we’ve discovered that success lies in reverting to the basic blocking and tackling principles and executing them with precision. 

In our latest ProTalks by Joe Session, Founder and CEO Joe Brannon III outlined eight principles for overcoming software sales challenges when you’re in the trenches. Here’s a brief recap of what was covered in the last session.

1. Use a Proven Sales Process as Your Playbook for Success

In the same way a football team relies on a well-established playbook, successful software sales hinge on a proven sales process. When unexpected challenges throw you off course, clearly understanding each step in your sales process is paramount. It acts as your playbook, guiding you in fulfilling your role and responsibilities to move the metaphorical ball down the field.

2. Set Proper Goals and Keep Your Eye on the End Zone

In the trenches, it’s easy to lose sight of your goals. Setting proper goals and reviewing them daily will provide you with a compass. Just as a football player needs to keep their eyes on the end zone, you need a daily reminder of where you want to go. 

3. Implement Effective Time-Management Strategies to “Control the Clock”

Time is a precious commodity in both football and software sales. Effective time management is your key to winning the time-of-possession battle. Know how you’ll spend your days and hours each week. Discipline and diligence are crucial; they keep you focused on working toward your goals and avoiding unnecessary fumbles in your schedule.

4. Build a Well-Researched Prospect List to Target the Right Opponents

Just as a football team knows that an awareness of their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses will increase their chance of winning, software sales is about understanding and connecting with the right prospects. A well-researched prospect list ensures that you will focus your energy on those most likely to benefit from your software.

5. Develop Discipline for Working Your Game Plan 

In the chaos of sales, staying organized is crucial. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is your game plan, helping you track conversations, manage leads, and nurture relationships effectively. Your CRM is a tool that will let you know what plays to run and how to keep the ball moving down the field so that you can stay on top of your game.

6. Embrace Failure and Celebrate Small Wins to Cultivate Resilience 

Rejection is an inevitable part of the sales process. It’s important to remember that it is not a reflection of your worth or abilities. Instead, view rejections as learning opportunities and celebrate the small wins. Each step forward, no matter how small, brings you closer to achieving your goals.

7. Hone Your Ability to Ask for the Sale and Get The Win

A successful software sales demo is like executing a critical play in a football game. It’s a pivotal moment that can make or break a deal. Provide a clear roadmap for your prospect and ask insightful questions. When you’re ready to take the next step, ask for the sale. Remember, it’s not about convincing someone to buy: it’s about explaining how your software can solve their problems and help them achieve their goals.

8. Manage Your Customers with an Effective “Post-Game” Strategy

Closing a deal isn’t the end—it’s the beginning of a new and vital phase. Nurturing and expanding the relationship with your customers is essential for long-term success. Be actively involved in helping them succeed. With your help, they’ll feel satisfied with your software and become loyal advocates for your brand.

It’s a dynamic, fast-paced environment where you constantly learn, adapt, and strive to achieve your goals. Just as football demands a strategic approach and mastery of the basics, success in software sales hinges on a similar foundation.

We Can Help You Build a Game Plan for Starting a Software Business

Software sales, like navigating a football game, is a demanding yet rewarding field. By adopting and mastering the basic principles outlined above, you’ll not only navigate the challenges but emerge victorious, building lasting relationships and achieving your career goals. 

At textLIVING, we’ve thrived in this industry for over a decade, and we’re committed to sharing our playbook to help you succeed in yours. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to get started in the software industry or a seasoned sales professional looking for a way to generate sustainable income on the side, textLIVING offers a proven game plan that can help you achieve your financial goals. 

 We’d encourage you to check out our session “Blocking and Tackling: Overcome Software Sales Challenges in the Trenches.” You can also learn more about our white-label opportunities or schedule a demo with our team to discover how you can leverage your sales skills to build a successful business. 

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