Beyond the Surface: Unpacking FAQs of Text Marketing Software Sales

In the world of software sales, where every conversation is a chance to learn more about a potential customer, understanding the unspoken question behind what is being asked is a crucial skill. Whether making a cold call or conducting a software demo, effectively managing rebuttals and navigating objections is not just about providing information but also understanding the nuance behind each question.

At textLIVING, we’ve seen this play out in thousands of sales conversations over the years. We’re committed to training our white-label partners to recognize the “question behind the question” as they connect with potential customers. In this blog post, we’ll address the common FAQs encountered by our white-label partners. We’ll also explore the real, unarticulated concerns that businesses have when considering text marketing.

Addressing Common FAQs About Text Marketing Software

Here are a few frequently asked questions we hear when selling our all-in-one text marketing and loyalty platform. We’ve paired each one with the underlying concern that hides beneath this question. Then, we’ve offered a clear road map for addressing these concerns. 

1. How easy is it to collect customer information?

Underlying Concern: Will keeping track of customer data be complicated? Will this create a burden for our customers?

Response: textLIVING’s platform simplifies the process of collecting and managing customer information. One of the unique characteristics of our platform is the in-store kiosk we provide for each merchant to quickly collect customer data at a kiosk or point-of-purchase location. This makes it incredibly easy for customers to sign up in less than five seconds. We also equip you with marketing best practices to build your database effectively. On the back end, our intuitive interface allows you to manage customer data and segment your audience. 

2. What campaigns can I run with this software? What are some examples of how other businesses have succeeded?

Underlying Concern: Will this work for my particular business? 

Response: textLIVING’s platform offers a wide range of text marketing campaign types to engage customers and achieve your business objectives. You can create personalized messages, send animated GIFs to promote new items, offer exclusive promotions, follow up with lapsed customers, and implement a loyalty program. We have multiple successful case studies showcasing how businesses in various industries have used our platform to achieve their goals.

3. How does this software compare to the texting features of my current POS system?

Underlying Concern: Is this tool worth investing in or can I achieve the same results without setting up multiple software platforms?

Response: While many POS systems have implemented text options in recent years, we’ve found that most don’t offer a compelling reason for customers to sign up. POS-based programs also neglect the integration and marketing capabilities needed to build robust text marketing campaigns. This is understandable because text marketing isn’t the primary focus of these systems. 

In contrast, the textLIVING platform offers advanced audience segmentation, automation, and data reporting. Our tool enables merchants to create personalized, targeted campaigns that drive meaningful engagement and measurable results. Unlike a POS system that focuses primarily on transactions, textLIVING provides a holistic approach to customer relationship management.

4. How easy is it to manage the software and create campaigns?

Underlying Concern: We’re not software experts. Will our team need extensive training to use this software effectively?

Response: textLIVING’s platform is designed for easy use and intuitive navigation. Our user-friendly interface and comprehensive documentation simplify setting up and managing your account. We also provide dedicated customer support and training resources to ensure you have the guidance to maximize the software’s potential.

5. How much does it cost?

Underlying Concern: Is it worth the investment? Are there hidden costs?  

Response: Most users generate a positive ROI within the first few months of launching their program. But if you notice it’s not yielding results, we don’t require a long-term contract, giving you the flexibility and freedom to make the choice that is right for your business. 

NOTE: Each of our white-label partners can set their pricing structure. They provide specific cost information.

Take Your White-Label Software Sales Expertise to the Next Level

textLIVING’s all-in-one text marketing and loyalty platform provides a powerful and versatile tool for restaurants, retailers, and small businesses to improve customer engagement, boost sales, and build lasting relationships. 

For white-label partners, addressing the common questions and underlying concerns of your potential clients is essential. Anticipating objections allows you to position textLIVING as an effective solution for several business challenges. Addressing questions early and thoroughly helps you lay a firm foundation for successful future partnerships.

Current white-label partners can explore our resource center or take a deeper dive into the various textLIVING University courses we offer. 

If you want to offer a proven solution to help merchants succeed, learn more about our all-in-one text messaging and loyalty platform or discover how you can become a white-label partner.

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