Building on the Buzz: How to Leverage 2024 Customer Loyalty Trends to Sell Text Marketing Software

Customer loyalty has become the hottest topic in boardrooms and break rooms as restaurants and retail businesses prepare for 2024. Why? Building lasting customer relationships is no longer optional in today’s competitive landscape—it’s essential for survival and success.

As a white-label partner or software sales professional, you’re busy. You don’t have time to sift through endless reports and articles to decipher the latest loyalty trends. That’s where we come in. We’ve done the legwork for you, uncovering the most compelling customer loyalty trends for 2024. And more importantly, we’ll show you how to leverage these insights to sell an all-in-one loyalty and text marketing platform like textLIVING. 

Trend #1: Identifying Loyal Customers with Less Friction

According to this recent study from CurrencyAlliance, small businesses are increasingly seeking seamless ways to identify their most loyal customers. Some merchants haven’t created a strong customer loyalty program because it has been difficult to identify customers at the point of sale, capture data for themselves, and reconcile all the information between their various CRM platforms. 

Leveraging this trend in sales conversations: 

By focusing on identifying loyal customers, white-label partners can position textLIVING as the perfect solution for small businesses. You can showcase textLIVING’s mobile kiosk that allows businesses to seamlessly capture customer information at crucial interaction points like check-in stations or checkout counters. You can also explain how textLIVING’s data collection capabilities provide valuable insights into customer behavior, enabling businesses to identify their most loyal patrons and tailor their loyalty programs accordingly.

Trend #2: The Need for Omnichannel Marketing Engagement

Omnichannel engagement has become a crucial business strategy, particularly in a competitive retail landscape. Restaurants and retailers constantly strive to stay connected with customers across multiple channels, delivering a seamless and consistent brand experience. In this article from Clover, their team makes the case that omnichannel engagement will become more critical for businesses in 2024. 

Leveraging this trend in sales conversations: 

This is an opportunity to highlight the effectiveness of text messaging and showcase how textLIVING can support their marketing efforts across many channels. For example, you could showcase meaningful customer loyalty and text marketing statistics. Another opportunity you have is to highlight textLIVING’s capability to incorporate images and GIFs into text messages, allowing businesses to create visually appealing and engaging content that reinforces their message messages in other channels. 

Trend #3: Personalization at Scale

The era of generic marketing and loyalty programs is fading fast. In 2024, businesses are embracing hyper-personalization, tailoring experiences and rewards to individual customer preferences. This means it’s time to leverage data analytics to understand customers on a granular level and engage them in a way that resonates with them.  

Leveraging this trend in sales conversations: 

By focusing on hyper-personalization, you can showcase textLIVING’s ability to segment customers based on various criteria. You could also underscore the platform’s automated campaign features, enabling businesses to deliver personalized messages and offer specific examples of the ways companies are using automated text marketing campaigns to boost revenue.

Trend #4: An Increased Focus on Customer Lifetime Value

With customer acquisition costs rising, small businesses are shifting their focus to maximizing the value of existing customers. This means prioritizing strategies that increase customer lifetime value (CLTV), the total profit a customer generates over their entire relationship with the business.

Leveraging this trend in sales conversations: 

It can be beneficial to explain how textLIVING’s features, such as personalized rewards and automated campaigns, increase customer engagement and retention, directly influencing CLTV. By highlighting the link between textLIVING and increased CLTV, white-label partners can position the platform as a strategic investment that helps businesses optimize customer relationships and drive long-term profitability.

Trend #5: Experiential Rewards 

One of the more interesting trends we noticed is the idea of offering customers “experiential rewards” or “hands-on experiences.” These outings are often occasion-based, such as a cocktail mixing class at a restaurant or a “VIP personalized shopping experience” at a local boutique. Small businesses are increasingly leaning into the various ways they can create an experience that results in repeat visits and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Leveraging this trend in sales conversations: 

As you collaborate with prospects about the various experiential rewards, it’s helpful to highlight how text messaging provides a direct and intimate channel to invite customers. For example, you could showcase how a restaurant could send an animated GIF of one of their bartenders with an invitation to the cocktail class. 

Empower Customer Loyalty in 2024 with textLIVING

By offering an intuitive platform they can use to engage customers, we’ve seen how textLIVING empowers businesses to build deeper relationships and drive long-term growth. And as customer loyalty becomes the cornerstone of success for small businesses in 2024, we believe textLIVING can be a powerful asset in their toolbelt.

We hope this overview has been insightful and inspiring for our current white-label partners. If you’re passionate about helping small businesses thrive by providing them with a proven and intuitive loyalty solution, we invite you to explore becoming a white-label partner with textLIVING. Let’s empower businesses together and unlock the full potential of customer loyalty in the years to come.

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