From Pockets to Pocketbooks (and Other Sales Phrases that Emphasize the Power of Text Marketing for Businesses)

We’re no strangers to the transformative power of text marketing. Since 2010, our platform has helped over 10,000 small businesses earn $200 million in revenue simply by tapping into the magic of that little rectangle in their customers’ pockets. Despite these successes, we understand that skepticism lingers among some local restaurants and small businesses regarding the untapped potential of text marketing for customer loyalty and revenue generation.

In our recent ProTalks session, “From Pocket to Pocket Books,” we delved into the profound impact of text marketing on revenue generation. Drawing inspiration from Chip and Dan Heath’s compelling book “Made to Stick,” we’ve recognized the importance of presenting ideas in a memorable way that sticks with our audience. In this post, we want to build upon that idea by sharing a few of our favorite text-worthy phrases. Using these phrases can help you present supporting insights and compelling statistics in a clear and engaging way. It’s just one more way we equip you to have persuasive software sales conversations

Here are a few of our favorite phrases and one-liners that we love using in our sales conversations and demos: 

“There’s no tactic that helps your business rise above the noise with the sound of a text alert.”

In a world inundated with advertisements and social media chatter, the struggle to stand out is real for restaurants and small businesses. Text marketing provides a way to communicate with customers that’s far more effective than another unread email or forgotten social media post. According to the latest text marketing statistics, over 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes, while email open rates languish at a mere 20%. Text marketing is a direct line to your customer’s pocket, ensuring your message stands out. 

“Connect with your customers where they spend the most time.” 

Think about it: where do people spend most of their waking hours? Not glued to billboards or newspapers, but glued to their smartphones. With an average of 144 daily phone checks and a 30% rise in overall screen time in 2023, text messaging is the ultimate way to reach your customers where they are most engaged. Text marketing is also a conversation. It’s a personal touch in a digital age, fostering direct connections and building lasting relationships.

“Skip the billboard. Build a tribe.”

Text marketing is about fostering personal connections. A whopping 71% of consumers prefer to communicate with businesses via text message. This preference allows businesses to create more intimate relationships with customers. Whether sharing exclusive deals for loyal patrons or setting up automated text campaigns for special occasions, text marketing enables businesses to build a tribe of repeat customers who feel personally connected to the brand.

“​​From pocket pings to profit booms.”

“Will it help me generate enough revenue to make it worth our time?” is the number one question small businesses are asking about text marketing. Thankfully, the numbers speak for themselves: SMS marketers generate a staggering $71 for every dollar spent. This compelling return on investment highlights the efficacy of text marketing in converting interactions into tangible profits.

“Text your way out of a rainy day.” 

For many restaurants and retailers, the weather can be a friend or a foe. But with text marketing, it’s always an opportunity. Whether it’s surprise drops or limited-time offers, businesses can leverage the immediacy of text messages to turn a rainy day into an opportunity for increased customer connections and revenue surges. In fact, 45% of consumers have made a purchase after receiving a text with a special offer or promo code. 

“Every text offers a treasure trove of data!” 

Text marketing offers businesses the chance to gather valuable data. Every text message can reveal information about customer engagement, campaign performance, and the direct impact on your sales. For example, our text marketing platform lets you see the fruits of your efforts in real-time, allowing you to optimize your campaigns and maximize your return on investment.

From Pings to Profits: A Proven White-Label Text Marketing Platform

At textLIVING, we’re not just about sending messages; we’re about creating connections and driving revenue. Learn more about the power of text marketing for small businesses by delving even deeper into the insights shared in our ProTalks Session, ‘From Pockets to Pocketbooks.’ You can also explore more insights and best practices for selling white-label software in our resource center

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